process optimization for painting

cost-effective painting

Process optimization for painting is a task which has to be fulfilled newly on a daily basis in order to keep the process costs low.


Continuously changing processes change the results as well which are reflected in the yield of good parts. In most cases, the best compromise of budget and experience lead to the desired result => to achieve high yield of good parts.

The added value of the painting process ranges over the entire process of parts and does not stop at the upstream or downstream processes.

Therefore, it is extremely important to create a standard operational procedure and most of all to integrate them permanently into the workday.

Thus, every entrepreneur strives for processes to be created efficiently by continuous process optimization in order to eliminate unnecessary cost factors.


experience by painting

Based on 20 years of experience in the industrial and automotive sector, TERMfix offers independent process optimization of your production processes.
Independency means to make decisions as defined by the customer which are not influenced by cooperating suppliers etc. This independency, to choose from the assortment of means of production and manufacturing products is a guarantor for finding the best compromises.
Often it is unnecessary to use the budget. Simple process optimization, for example, changing the operational procedure or training of personnel can achieve great improvement.

After detailed support of the production process, you will receive a carefully prepared analysis of the current state of the painting resp. production process. Furthermore, you will receive an action plan for optimization in order to achieve the best possible standard.

process development and pretreatment

recognize the interrelationship

At first sight the two key words ‘process development’ and ‘pretreatment’ from the title seem to have been chosen randomly. It is common that apparently uninvolved processes resp. positions in the operations scheduling are not being focused on. As a result, surface parts have to be cleaned costly due to unprofessional storage, for example, in order to prepare them for the painting or printing process. The pretreatment surface parts represent a particularly value-adding and important item of the process development. The definition of the optimal transport route and storage location present a great challenge.


process development

We will develop the ideal process sequence for your product to be manufactured. Starting at the process of injection molding over the pretreatment to the painting process as well as a possible laser-etching or printing.

Additional information

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