feasibility study for injection molding, painting and refining

safeguarding of knowledge

The foundation for cost-efficient processes will be provided in the planning and project phase. The feasibility study is a must in order to evaluate the required surface quality according to the time and effort (yield of good parts). At the same time, important findings of the cost structure will be disclosed. Hence, changes of the planned processes can be arranged for without applying a large budget.

example process

For painting synthetic with a defined paint system, a yield of good parts of 80% will be estimated. Theoretically, for 100% parts, 126 pieces would have to be painted. This will be considered in the cost accounting based on acquired experience. Actually, in mass production the yield of good parts is ‘only’ 70%. The cause is the smoothly polished surface which reduces the yield of good parts. This results in a higher cost factor which, again, has to be reduced with budget implementation.

safeguarding of knowledge by a feasibility study

After exact determination of the goal, you will receive guaranteed forecasts of equivalent production plants. This is for example a robotic paint finishing system, a flat-bed machine or manual painting.

Additionally, you will receive verified surfaces according to customer specification upon request.


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